Residential Services

Why choose Stewart Electric Inc as your residential electrician:

Stewart Electric Inc has proudly provided residents in Colorado with superior electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. We take pride in all that we do and strive to always do right by our customers. Stewart Electric is highly flexible and can meet and exceed the expectations of a broad spectrum of customers. We treat each job with the same dedication to excellence, whether large or small.

At Stewart Electric, we hold our electricians to the highest standards and ensure they uphold our values of fairness and doing what is right.

We Proudly Offer:

  • hot tub installs
  • light fixture upgrades
  • install and maintenance surge protection
  • kitchen remodel
  • service upgrades
  • basement remodel
  • air condition and furnace
  • new construction
  • inspection rejection reports / safety reports
  • aluminum wiring
  • EV charging stations


Hot Tub installs

In reviewing presentation we offer a wide range of installations to provide the safety feature and electrical protection to your spa.   Brands worked with include Bull Frog, Clear Water, Artesian, Tough Spa, and more.

Take of light fixture upgrade

Residential Service Upgrades: Removal of existing electrical panel and meter and coordination with your local utility company.  We meet all local jurisdictions and coding requirements.  With a new grounding and bonding system, you can add safety and equity to your home.

Install and maintenance surge protection

Offering electrical surge protection that can be installed in your main electrical panel.


Kitchen Remodel 

Experienced in varies types of remodels.  

Service Upgrades

Residential homes, underground or overhead wiring.  With the removal of an older system and adding a new grounding system you can bring your home up to speed with current equipment that meets local code requirements and jurisdictions.


Basement Remodels

Interior design that meets the homeowner’s plans and decorators specifications.


Air Conditioning and Furnace

Proper electrical needs to varies types of condensing units and heating and cooling equipment.


New Construction

Whether it’s an addition to your home or a new build, we provide all the electrical needs to local coding requirements and contractor specifications.

Inspection Objection Reports and Safety Inspection

A professional electrical inspection is a vital part of obtaining a code certification for any new construction, renovation, or expansion to your home. We can provide a cost estimate that requires any Velectrical install.*


Aluminum Wiring

Specializing in all homes regarding aluminum wiring and providing the proper upgraded protection that meets the US consumer product safety commission (USCPSC) Working with various insurance companies to resolve the issues. 

EV Charging Stations 

Identifying your needs is the most crucial step in charging your electric car at home.   Stewart Electric Inc has been a trusted EV charging station expert.   Have confidence in knowing that your electric car will be charged and ready to go when you need it.



* Requires a cost estimate.  Free estimate on all other listed services.